Thursday, May 9, 2013

first day of my life.

day 64. first day of my life. by bright eyes.

insert stereotypical wedding song for all late 20/early 30 hipsters here.

this song played on a loop through my head the first time i saw a boy i briefly dated in my early 20's. i was standing on a balcony when i set my sights on him and time stopped. i looked at my roommate and said "oh my god, i am going to marry that guy." straight out of a movie. i'm sure i also dramatically threw myself onto a couch or something.

on a side note, don't you love how people tell the story of how they met their future spouse and in the story, they are always so SURE that this person is going to be the "one" that they inevitably always tell someone - usually their mother - "this is the one i am going to marry." but, what they don't say is how many other times they have said that about someone. clearly i've already said that about someone I DIDN'T end up with (and some others along the way). but, maybe that's just me.

the best part of this story is not my melodramatic personality. the best part is that i told the guy the story about seeing him from the balcony and it didn't send him running in the other direction. it made him like me more. it made him declare. "Ash. I love you." did i mention that we only BRIEFLY dated? what was wrong with him? as it turned out, i introduced him to a friend and he ended up dumping me for her. & it was on to the next one, on to the next one, on to the next one for him.  his love for falling in love did not come hand in hand with fidelity or loyalty.

despite this, he remained my close and dear friend for a large chunk of my 20's. until I flew to another state to see him and he blew me off.... so he could go out and cheat on his fiance while she was out of town. friendship over.

i just don't have room for people like that in my life & now thank the good Lord often that I was oh so wrong on that day Conor Oberst & his sappy tune flitted through my head. when i tell my "how we met story," it will go like this. "he's not the first guy i thought i would someday marry, but 10th times the charm, right?" god, my mother in law is going to love me.