Wednesday, January 15, 2014


day 86. angeles. by elliott smith.

am i the only who thinks that elliott smith fits perfectly with whatever the weather is outside? cozying up on the couch with the snow falling outside? perfect - put on some elliott smith. hopping in rain puddles on the first day of spring? elliott would be the ideal soundtrack. basking in the sunlight with wind in my hair and peppery skin. ELLIOTT. dodging blowing leaves on a windy, fall day?.... you get the point.

i'll never understand why all of my friends go into doom and gloom mode anytime i try and listen to some elliott smith. when i tried to listen to him in the car awhile back i got the following reactions:

"ugh, not this again."
"are you depressed?"
"why are you doing this to us?"
"really, why?"
my friends are whacked, basically.

angeles is a lovely song and reminds me of the first boyfriend i actually cared about. i have all of these songs that remind me of people from my past, and sometimes I wonder what songs remind people of me. it's a scary thought actually. one that i may do some digging into.

stay tuned... actually i should make the statement that this is my official comeback. new year, new me, etc. etc.