Thursday, May 16, 2013

hit or miss.

day 71. hit or miss. by new found glory.

new found glory (insert smiley face with heart eyes here)!!!!!! so 00's.

once upon a time, my 18 year old brother went to the new found glory concert and took a friend instead of his 15 year old sister... (HOW DARE HE.. am I right??). To make me feel better, he brought me home a water bottle that he swore the lead singer threw into the crowd. looking back now, i'm pretty sure he found it on the ground and brought it to me just to placate me and stop me from moping around the house. at the time, though, I truly believed him. I kept that water bottle next to my bed like it was filled with holy water and showed it off anytime a friend would come over. flash forward to a few weeks in the future when I ACCIDENTALLY took a sip of the dirty, old, warm water thinking it was a different bottle.

i thought it was cool at the time that i started puking the next morning - especially because i told everyone that "Jordan from new found glory" got me sick. but really, looking back, i got sick because i drank some dirty stranger's month old water. i'd say this is a cautionary tale, but i'm pretty sure no one else out there is ridiculous enough to make this same mistake.