Wednesday, May 15, 2013

san dimas high school football rules.

day 70. san dimas high school football rules. by the ataris.

the first thing I think of when I hear this song is lovespell-scented lotion from victoria's secret. I don't know about anyone else my age, but at my school we were obsessed with that stuff for all of highschool. obsessed might not even convey just how many bottles of lotion and body spray I had. I mean i'm actually positive that I still have a stockpile of some at my parent's house that I've not even been able to use yet. I liked it because it made me smell like fruit by the foot. I guess that's weird.

the second thing I think of is my best friend thea because this was one of our high school anthems. we went through a stage where we listened to this song over and over again and replaced the whitney in "whitney, don't you understand here what I say is true, I just want you to know I have a major crush on you." with whomever we had a crush on at the moment. (sidenote: I actually just did that to myself while playing this song again for the first time in years. whoa. revelation. I didn't even KNOW I had a crush on that person. yikes.) I though I would write more about how thea and I started safety-pinning our clothing together and temporarily changed our names (I called myself Zoe), but now I think I need to go and mentally wrap my head around these feelings for my so called crush and why i'm 28 years old and still getting crushes on people like I did when I was 16. help.