Sunday, September 1, 2013

sight of the sun.

day 85. sight of the sun. by fun.

holy freaking crap. i can't even explain to you just how much i love this song. i'm not lying to you when i say that it gives me a knot in my stomach each and every time i hear it. & i hear it a lot because i have been playing it multiple times a day.

i am not one of those people who, when they aren't in love, can't handle a love song. i am the biggest advocate of other people falling in love. & that's why i love this song, because i know that when i finally DO fall in love it's going to feel just like it does listening to this song. i also know that i'd be lying to myself if i claimed that when i hear this song, i only think of SOMEDAY and not someone RIGHT NOW.

Big surprise here (NOT), when i tell you that i am once again hopelessly falling for one of my favorite people. this happens often to me and generally ends terribly. i recently revealed this in a previous post, but i kinda hoped the issue would be resolved, squashed, kaput by now. but no. of course not. i'm putting myself out there right now by posting this because i'm sure he doesn't know i feel this way. ideally by the time i get around to posting this, he will either know and i'll have moved on or he will be my main squeeze. there is also the possibility that things will end badly and i will NEVER post this.