Sunday, May 5, 2013

mama, i'm alright.

 day 60. mama, i'm alright. by miranda lambert.

truth is out by now that i have a semi-secret love for country music that extends past my love for taylor swift. can't help it. i think it has something to do with the time i was hoodwinked into going to the kenny chesney concert, fell down the steps, and walked around on a busted ankle all day. i've not been the same since.

country tunes are always very "feelings" oriented, so i should know better than to put any of them on my running mix - let alone my marathon mix. i mean, seriously, running tends to make me emotional enough on it's own.

being surrounded by 30,000 people who are running for someone they love who can't, or to support a cause that is close to their hearts, or just because it makes them feel alive, is a feeling that everyone should experience in their lives. and on top of that, there are the thousands of volunteers and spectators who are there to support people they know and love. & those who do it for no other reason than to support a complete stranger going for a goal. it's all a big love-fest. aka something i normally avoid. but it gets right at my heart to be a part of something that means so much to so many people. which is why i have to stop and walk when i come across something that really tugs on my heart strings. for instance, i saw a little old man cheering with the organ donation people holding up a sign that said "i got my heart in 1989." and of course i started feeling like i was going to cry and couldn't breathe so i had to walk for a bit.

which is the same reaction i had when this song came on. lord only knows why. although probably the line "my step is sure, and i know my name. i'm strong just like you prayed i'd be." i run because it makes me feel strong. it makes me feel like i am enough, that i can give enough, and be enough to overcome anything that life throws my way. i run because running 13.1 miles is something that i never thought i would be able to do. (because i'm the type of person who falls down steps). & honestly, i hope that everyone has something in their lives that makes them feel the way that running can make me feel.