Wednesday, May 1, 2013

turn on me.

day 56. turn on me. by the shins.

it's like the shins all day, errrday lately.

i have a real knack for putting together mixes. and i think my real talent lies in order. it typically takes me about a month to put together a mix for someone. i take it that seriously. & so after i choose the songs, i toy around with the order and transitions until it is JUST right. i wonder if i could get a job doing just that? with no musical experience other than the flute and my recent forays into fiddle playing, i doubt it.

however, i think the shins made a mistake on the order of the songs on their wincing the night away album. i mean, i don't know.  can you tell james mercer and the shins that you think they messed up? maybe, but probably not. they clearly know better. however, i think it would have been lovely to have a comet appears say "still to come, the worst part and you know it." and then later on in the album have turn on me say "the worst part is over, now get back on that horse and ride." but they appear in the opposite order, which to me sends the message - "you thought the worst part was over, but no ma'am it is still to come." which... YIKES.

regardless, of how they appear on the album in my mind it's all "the worst part came, it's over. now buck up bronco. you are amazing." which is why you will find "a comet appears" posted a week ago and "turn on me" today.

i realize that this is probably confusing to anyone who has limited knowledge on the shins. so... disclaimer.