Monday, May 20, 2013

carried away.

day 75. carried away. by passion pit.

my new theme song & i think the girl in this video is my soul sister.

my summer goal is to have a show down with a bus. the streets in my neighborhood are narrow, but still busses mosey on down & corner cars so they have to back the whole way down the street.  Then the bus drivers don't even acknowledge with a proper thank you. it's the second part of that story that sends me over the edge. if you're going to make me back it up (in any area of my life) then i want a proper thank you. but no. it's not happened once in the 30 times I've had to do it. so.. my goal is to sit there the next time it happens and make the BUS back up. i told my mom this story and she said "sometimes I worry about you."

i get carried away easily. so easily. but i think that's why i'm so fun to be around, MOM.