Friday, May 17, 2013


day 72. girlfriend.

maybe i am just including this song so i make it perfectly clear that i am not the only person who has ever acted like a total weirdo over a boy.

st. patrick's day 2005 & unnamed friend is sitting at her computer playing this song over and over and over again and bawling her eyes out. it might have been sad if it was a sad song playing, but the rest of us, who were sitting in the living room in our festive green just could not stop laughing. it's such a ridiculous song, and i'm 99% sure said friend called up the guy with the girlfriend and played this song for him over the phone.

months later when we were sure that bringing up the song wouldn't make her upset, we reminded our friend about that day and laughed and laughed and laughed. to this day, it is one of our favorite stories & a perfect memory. how boring would life be if girls never lost their shit over a boy. there'd basically be zero fun stories to tell.