Thursday, May 2, 2013

laundry room.

day 57. laundry room. by the avett brothers.

this is, hands down, my favorite avett brothers song.

i'm not going to try to pretend that it doesn't remind me word for word of someone. the best songs always do. to me, this song is about selfless love. for someone who deserves it. because if we are all being honest, sometimes people don't. but when you find those people that do, it's special. and they leave the very best kinds of indelible marks on your life.

okay. sappy rant over. but if you don't experience feelings when listening to this song, there's got to be something wrong with you. just my own, very humble, personal opinion.

using a live version of this song is a must, because the avett brothers are more amazing live than any studio version could ever capture. also because i love the fact that these guys have the same hair (un)style as i do. it just makes me love them that much more.