Monday, May 6, 2013

here comes the sun.

day 61. here comes the sun. by george harrison.

i realize that this song is actually a beatles tune, but it is george harrison's song & my favorite version is of a solo george harrison performing live. have i mentioned before how much i love that man? well, i do.

i listened to this version - recorded at harrison's concert for bangladesh over and over again while i was flying to bangladesh a few years ago. because what else should you do during a 20 hour trip to bangladesh?  i literally listened to nothing else but beatles songs and george, john, and paul during that three week excursion. & i don't use literally lightly here. i literally listened to nothing else.

this song is great to listen to during the changing of winter to spring. but this song is also good to listen to every other day. i consider it a good day when my playlist or radio station stumbles upon this. fresh days, fresh starts, and new beginnings. hyfr.