Thursday, July 18, 2013

take your time (coming home)

day 80. take your time (coming home). by fun.

let the love fest for nate ruess continue.

there is just something about going to a concert and singing along that makes you fall in love with life. maybe because it's giving you a chance to speak those things that you want to say but never got a chance to. to declare to the world that you're happy. or in love. or angry. or broken, but getting back to normal. that has always been the reason that i love music, period. and singing along with hundreds of people just takes it to the next level. just another reason why i should have learned the violin years ago, because i could be in a band by now.

fun. is just so great in concert and i didn't want the night to end. i was beyond happy when they played my favorite fun. song which you can listen to above. the worst part of the night was when this creepy, drunk yinzer stared at me the whole time. & i'm not saying that to brag, because he was not pleasant looking and seemed to be kind of a d bag. oh well. my favorite line in the song is as follows (& i guess i could apply it to him, too):

& the truth is that i feel better because i've forgiven everyone.

life is good. :)