Sunday, June 16, 2013


day 78 daughter. by loudon wainright III

happy father's day to my pops!

this is our father/daughter song. i know this because the first time i heard this song, i had to keep on playing it because it just reminded me so much of our father/daughter relationship. & then one day we were riding in the car and it came on our favorite radio station and he said "it's our song!" even though i had never mentioned it to him.

i am a daddy's girl, which is 100% obvious if you listen to this song. i am also 100% lucky to have the dad i have, because not only does he spoil me, he goes on long runs with me, gets my whacked out sense of humor, and never turns down a 2 hour roadtrip to see one of our favorite bands. the bar is set high for my future husband. i hope for my dad's sake, though, that someday i will get married and we can dance to this. i, of course, will be bawling my eyes out the entire time.