Thursday, August 22, 2013

stay young, do dancing.

day 84. stay young, go dancing. by death cab for cutie.

happy 29th birthday to me.

today i did a lot of thinking about just HOW MUCH I LOVE the people in my life. and let me tell you, it is lots. years go by and by, and though i don't feel any older, i sure do feel luckier and luckier each day to be surrounded by the people I have in my life. I can't remember the last time that I ever felt alone, or unhappy, or unable to face a new day because I'm constantly brought up and supported by my friends and my lovely family.

I know that my "realist" attitude often gets taken to be more pessimistic or dramatic than anything, but make no mistake I love this life I lead. my birthday has just been a great day to take it all in, and realize I AM SO LUCKY and GRATEFUL for everything that surrounds me. I know it should be scary entering my last year as a 20-something, but it's not. don't get me wrong, I have no idea where the past 10 years have gone, and that is terrifying - but life just keeps getting better each day I roll out of bed. & I've decided that this will be my theme song for year 29 aka my best year yet.